Tredi door collection
Tredi door collection


Our doors are designed to make your dreams and projects come true. Backed by the experience of our designers, we meticulously review every order to create unique and innovative solutions that incorporate the latest technological advances. The harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics is at the heart of our philosophy. For us, the human factor is the key part of every door we make and the driving force behind all our designs.

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The Actuality collection infuses every space with a fresh atmosphere and an innovative perspective. Our lacquered, laminated and wooden finishes blend seamlessly with every style, making the room’s decorative features really sing.

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Pantograph doors

Creatively personalise your own unique door that expresses your personality. Our pantograph doors feature raised panels that can be personalised to your taste. This special treatment allows your imagination to run wild as you create unique models and patterns in a variety of shapes and thicknesses.

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Explore the refinement and sophistication of wood in our Montagne collection. These doors are made from quality materials to create an exclusive finish that evokes the warm charm of a mountain home. Let the natural warmth of wood embrace you and enjoy a unique design experience.

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Our brand new internal door collection has been specifically designed to blend harmoniously with your interior decor. Explore our wide range of customisation options and acoustic and heat insulation features for optimal comfort.

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Our Reverso collection is perfect for anyone looking for customisable doors. Choose from a left-hand or right-hand door to suit your needs and layout. Because of its flexibility, Reverso is easy to order and install.

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A revolution in renovation. Our Renovation doors are unique because they can be mounted onto an existing frame. Take advantage of the numerous benefits, including speed of installation, convenience and freedom of choice, without having to worry about replacing the frame.

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The Placard collection epitomises the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality, raising the standards of modern interior design. Showcasing meticulous attention to detail, a wide variety of high-end materials and a versatile design, this collection is a must-have for anyone looking for a touch of refinement and functionality at home or work.

Sliding doors, the flagship of this collection, introduce a sense of innovation to a room, offering a practical solution to maximise efficiency of space. Featuring a smooth and silent sliding mechanism, these doors not only visually transcend the interior, but also offer a unique user experience.

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Collections and finishes designed to complement any style.



Our doors last longer thanks to the use of durable materials.



The robustness of our doors increases security wherever they are fitted.



We are continuously searching for new materials boasting innovative textures, underlining our commitment to cutting-edge design.